What would you do with 5 extra hours a week?

Hire Gracious Virtual Assistance and find out!


I've created

  • office systems 

  • inventory trackers

  • forms of every kind

  • filing systems

  • project planners

  • tickler systems

  • calendars

  • databases

  • business processes

  • & much more.

What is keeping you up at night?  I'll organize it!


I've written

  • Facebook ads

  • fundraising letters

  • proposals

  • business plans

  • presentations

  • blog posts

  • emails

  • radio scripts

  • rack cards

  • product copy

  • telemarketing scripts

  • PR pitches

Let me write for you...

as you!


Calls I've made

  • appointments

  • reservations

  • cold calls

  • warm calls

  • fundraising calls

  • calls to say yes

  • calls to say no

  • travel arrangements

  • product sourcing

  • cable rate reduction

  • comparison calls

I am fearless and fabulous on the phone!


I get it

  • I'm skilled

  • I'm dedicated

  • I've run a subscription box

  • I understand that every customer counts

  • I know first-hand the stresses of running a small business

  • I'll take care of your business as if it were my own!

I'll work with you to move your business forward!

 Business Details

  • All services are available for $25 per hour. 

  • Time is sold in five hour blocks, on a weekly basis.  

  • You can buy more than one block of time (if available).

  • Payment is via Paypal. 50% down payment, 50% upon completion. 

  • Only 4 blocks of time are sold weekly, ensuring your job is completed on time.

  • A basic contract is signed outlining agreed upon work.

  • An invoice is issued for your tax records.

  • A confidentiality agreement is signed so you can be sure your business stays your business.

Now What?

  • Download & fill out the work order form. 

  • We chat about the details.

  • Your work is completed.

  • You concentrate on growing your business.  

Elizabeth Webster